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Wireless and internet-based technologies are quickly changing the traditional telecommunications and broadcasting industries. The merging and bundling of cellular, VoIP, video, and other internet services is rapidly bringing new players into the market and creating new challenges for tax managers at these new businesses. Government tax regulators at the federal, state, and local levels are all struggling to reconcile older tax rules designed primarily for wireline phones with these new technologies and services. Regulators at all levels are introducing new taxes and refining existing rules to protect their tax base, thus making communications tax compliance even more difficult.

Avalara Returns for Communications is designed to help communications tax managers with this growing compliance challenge. By acting as your compliance department, Avalara provides tax filing, regulatory reporting, and remittance services for telecommunications companies as well as those offering VoIP, internet services, cable and satellite TV, and many other communications services. By tracking tax changes and automating filing processes, Avalara saves you time, reduces your costs, and ensures your on-going compliance with extremely complex tax regulations in thousands of jurisdictions. Submit the form to read more!