Addressing Indirect Tax Challenges

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The communications industry is continuously evolving. The services that these organizations provide have become broader and more technical. Communications providers simply no longer provide telephone services alone. Instead, these companies provide varied services, often bundled together, ranging from local and long distance telephone services through VOIP, data, wireless and cable TV. As the typical makeup of these providers has evolved, regulatory bodies, such as the FCC, have scrambled to implement guidelines that detail how these services are to be taxed. The resulting confusion has made both the laws themselves and the understanding of them by the communications providers quite murky.

In their struggle to determine which of their services are subject to taxation, what exemptions they may have, if there are taxes on tax, and how taxes are to be calculated, collected, and filed, communications providers need help. For example, there are many differences from state to state in how communications services are regulated. Currently, providers must research... Submit the form to read more!