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Avalara AvaTax for Communications connects to your current billing or ERP system to quickly determine and calculate taxes and fees. We track the complex and ever-changing rules and rates for over 70,000 tax jurisdictions across the communications industry. Our simple, streamlined SaaS solution lets you focus on managing your business, not your tax obligations and growing compliance challenges.
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We ensure tax accuracy.
Our tax and technical experts understand the complexities of communications taxes, and it shows in our software.
  • Our in-house research team constantly researches, validates and updates tax rules and rates.
  • We easily handle the most complicated business rules like tax on tax, tiered processing and non‑billable.
  • Geospatial technology provides exact jurisdiction determination to calculate at the precise rate.
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We lower your tax and IT costs.
We remove the tax compliance burden from your IT department.
  • You no longer need to research and maintain tax tables, we do it for you.
  • We eliminate cumbersome custom reporting with our robust built-in reporting and flexible data extract capabilities.
  • With an increase in overall accuracy we lower your risk of both non-compliance and over‑payment.
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We help your business remain agile.
We provide the required flexibility for rapid growth in this tight market.
  • You can quickly add new products on‑demand.
  • Bundling services to remain market-competitive is easy.
  • Expanding to a new geographic area is a simple.
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We make implementation fast and easy.
We offer multiple ways to connect with your back-office invoicing processes to avoid business disruption.
  • Connectors are available for most ERP and communications billing systems.
  • Comprehensive APIs are also available for in-house developed systems.
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We simplify operations.
Our fully integrated suite of communication tax solutions makes your job much easier.
  • Returns for Communications manages compliance reporting for communications taxes.
  • Geo for Communications ensures accuracy by geo-coding addresses to latitude‑longitude pairs.
  • Bundler creates single product billing groups for items with different tax treatments.
  • Viewer gives you access to detailed line item insights, making it easy to look up rates, handle tax quotes and what‑if analysis.
  • Rate & Logic Modifier handles adjustments, overrides or exemptions required for unique rules and rates.
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The Avalara for Communications staff of highly regarded attorneys, CPAs and other tax experts offers a wide variety of consulting, training and other services to help you navigate the complex world communications taxation.

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