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One of the biggest unknowns facing communications service providers from a tax perspective is the Internet of Things.

The post What are the Latest Communications Tax Implications for IoT? appeared first on Avalara.

By Toby Bargar - April 21, 2017.

The Iowa Department of Revenue ruled that Amazon's streaming video service renders Amazon Prime memberships taxable in their entirety. Here's what tax managers need to know.

The post Iowa Amazon Prime Ruling Means Streaming Video Service Bundles Are Now Taxable appeared first on Avalara.

By Toby Bargar - March 6, 2017.

With the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things), the era of truly BIG data is upon us. And buried in those endless data streams from billions of connected “things” is customer usage – a type of data that’s essential to ...

The post Usage Data: The Key to Monetizing the Internet of Things appeared first on Avalara.

By Brendan O’Brien - November 24, 2015.